AB Geveko

Geveko is Europe’s leading road marking company. Products and services help to create safer conditions on roads and consequently support Geveko’s business concept of actively participating in improving road safety in Europe.

Geveko’s business concept is to actively participate in improving road safety in Europe by providing road marking products and contracting services, thereby contributing to a safe traffic environment.

Geveko’s business model is based on a position of market leadership on prioritised markets in Europe and focuses on the production and sale of high quality, environmentally friendly road marking products and on contracting. Both operational and financial synergies and economies of scale are created by way of international collaboration between the various units in the group. Close cooperation with customers and authorities, which provides valuable development capabilities, increases the potential to create added value for the customer. The business model supports Geveko’s business concept of actively participating in improving road safety in Europe, with the goal of creating a safe traffic environment.

Amparo Solutions AB

Amparo Solutions develops and sells traffic safety products to road authorities and system integrators worldwide. The most prominent product being The SeeMe System, an award winning real-time warning system for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. The SeeMe System can be used at for instance pedestrian crossings to significantly increase driver awareness and reduce oncoming vehicle speed through automatic activation of warning lights via wireless detectors and pedestrian transponders. Being solar powered and keeping it simple cuts down on costly installation and enables low/no maintenance. The SeeMe System is also an integral part of the EU 7th framework program SafeWay2School and is fully EU-standards compliant.


Everyday millions of people in 52 countries around the world lead a safer life on the road or at the airport due to ASFT products.

Sweden-based ASFT is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME), and provider of cutting-edge Road Weather Information System (RWIS).

Originating as a supplier for airports, our systems are developed with high demands and high standards. Today that knowhow and those high standards are also found in our road segment.

ASFT offers computerized technology for friction-testing, detecting and monitoring freezing points, precipitation, ground frost, ice deposit growth and color/infrared camera-systems among other.

The technology is purpose built for stationary- or mobile use. With these systems, ASFT offers airports and roads in frosty regions the technology to help save lives, cut costs and be more environmental friendly.


Bilprovningen (AB Svensk Bilprovning)

Since the compulsory periodic inspection was introduced in 1965 Bilprovningen (the Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company) has through more than 200 million inspections contributed to an increased road safety, a decreased environmental influence of traffic and an improved vehicle economy for private persons and companies.

Bilprovningen is a limited company with a 52% holding by the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. 48% is owned by motorist organisations, insurance companies and organisations of the Swedish Automotive Industry.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Bilprovningen International AB, we provide consulting services within the vehicle inspection sector to clients outside Sweden.

Birstaverken AB

We manufacture and sell guardrails and bridge parapets, stairs and railings. We also provide incidental services (installation, project management, etc.) for these products.
We have extensive experience in production and project management and intend to belong to future suppliers.

Blue Systems AB

Blue Systems is a road safety company specialising in road safety barriers. Our business concept is to offer simple and reasonably priced system solutions for road safety. In order to guarantee quality from tender to complete system installed on the road, we have product-related quality plans in accordance with ISO 9002.
Since starting in 1992, Blue Systems has supplied some 5 000 km of SAFENCE wire rope safety barriers all over the world.

Wire rope barriers have unique properties: the barrier catches the car and allows it to “hang” in the wire ropes as if in a hammock, while the posts are bent when the car collides with them and are released from the wires. This produces low acceleration in the car, which is caught by the road barrier and is not thrown out into the carriageway again.

For more information, please visit us online at www.bluesystems.se.


Cicero Traffic International AB

Cicero Traffic International AB is a supplier of reflective products including hangers, stickers, slapwraps, and reflective wear.

We have many years of experience when it comes to reflectors and have our own production in Sweden. We handle everything from tool-manufacturing to finished reflector in the same facility, using only high-end materials such as 3M reflective foil.

The Nordic people have embraced the reflector and often use it in both their private time and for work. We hope that other countries follow the north´s example and see the reflector for what it is, a lifesaver.

Combitech AB

We continue where others stop
With Combitech as suppliers you get access to an extensive and broad range of services. In the long term, we work on everything from pre-studies and analyses to construction and development of integrated systems, process support, training, verification, validation and testing. We offer technical support and can also manage the whole project.
Everything we do is based on competence, continuity and customer satisfaction.

Business areas:
– Environment
– Information security
– Logistics
– Mechanical engineering
– System development
– System integration
– System security
– Customer adapted solutions
– Collaboration


CONTRANS is a Swedish consultant company, specialised in urban transportation. We undertake projects for international institutions, City Governments and public transport companies all over the world.

Areas of expertise
Our focus is on urban transportation although we also carry out assignments with a broader scope.

Our experience includes areas such as:
– Urban transport master planning
– Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
– Route network analysis and optimisation
– Management support to transit operators
– Infrastructure development
– Traffic management
– Environmental issues
– Institutional and regulatory policies
– Training and seminar activities


Edeva AB

Edeva provides ACTIBUMP – an intellegent system to increase road safety.

The purpose of using ACTIBUMP is to cause road traffic to reduce speed and in this way reduce the risks for other road users.

The speed of a vehicle is recorded with the aid of radar measurement. No action is taken if the vehicle speed is within the legal limit, but if it is approaching faster than is permitted, a part of the roadway pivots downwards, creating an edge.



In general
Grönlunds established in 1964 and was a traditional driver school for all categories but started to change and developed the business 1998. Grönlunds expanded during the years and had 2008 five locations. 2008 was the year that next expanding started and it still ongoing. Today we have ten locations and will probably start three more units during the next twelve to fifteen months.

Business areas
Grönlunds working with four areas:

Driver School
The smallest part and include just motorcycle and cars

Professional training
With this we mean training people to be professional truck- and bus drivers
It includes driver license, CPC, ADR and some logistic knowledge. We also mean the periodical training (35 h in 5 year) and initial training (140h and 280h) as we do for companies like Arla Foods i.e.
In this business area we also developing a new logistic course for leaders and workers and that will take place in the third quarter 2011.

VET Vocational education and training
In this area we offer courses for the upper secondary school and also for adult secondary school.

We will in the beginning of 2011 offer transport fleets and logistic companies the entire employment and business cycle including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; employee assessment and selection; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting.

Grönlunds are situated in 10 units (Solna, Södertälje, Haninge, Uppsala, Enköping, Gävle, Göteborg, Jönköping, Malmö)


Holmbergs Childsafety Holding AB

Holmbergs Childsafety was founded in 1938 and has a long tradition in manufacturing components for internal safety in vehicles. The company started manufacturing seat-belts for cars as far back as the 1950s. Since then Holmbergs has grown into an international organization with production and product development facilities in both Europe and Asia and sales representation in Europe, Asia and US.

We supply global customers with child restraint components, complete harness systems and advanced product development services. We design and produce our products with the same philosophy as we conduct the rest of our business, a high degree of quality and value for our customers.

Child safety in cars is a passion for us rather than a duty. We do not primarily compete on price but on safety, function, durability and design.


ID-Inventing Development HB

ID-Inventing Development has for many years developed efficient road maintenance equipment for the Swedish Traffic Administration. Reflector post and road sign cleaner and road sweeper are the main products.

Analysis shows a significant change in accidents, when the reflector posts and road signs are cleaned regularly. This increases the reflective power and draws the attention to the driver. ID-Inventing Development has supplied the SweRoad-ID-Cleaner to Finland, France, Norway and Sweden.

ID-Inventing Development HB has developed a special road sweeper with high performance having the ability to operate continuously from the right to the left of the truck centre line. The truck can drive with relatively high velocity thereby avoiding accidents with traffic coming in the rear. Special nozzles spraying water will capture a significant part of the dust avoiding sight and health problems for the driver. ID-Inventing Development has supplied the Sweeper to Sweden.


Infracontrol was founded in 1993 as an independent system integrator specializing in IT for infrastructure. The customers are primarily public sector purchasers for the state and municipalities. Today the company has annual sales of SEK 50 million, employs 25 people and has offices in Göteborg, Stockholm and Oslo.

Traffic management
Infracontrol has delivered control- and supervisory systems in a number of complex traffic facilities such as traffic tunnels, traffic management systems and variable speed limit systems in Sweden. The company consolidate all functions and information in a clear user interface so that the staff at the traffic control center can make the right decisions and take action quickly and easily. The system primarily consists of automatic safety functions that detect traffic disruptions and lower the speed limit or display traffic information.

Tunnel surveillance
A traffic tunnel is a good way of making traffic flow smoothly and of creating an attractive environment in areas where there was previously heavy traffic. But this is only possible if a high level of safety can be ensured. Infracontrol creates a reliable and flexible platform that offers complete control of everything from pumps and lighting to traffic lights and TV cameras.

Many people may not realize that traffic tunnels in urban areas are very complicated structures. There are a great number of technical installations such as traffic control equipment, ventilation, TV surveillance, power supplies, lighting and pumps. All of this is in place to ensure that it is always safe to be in the tunnel. However, all of this technology requires coordination.

Infracontrol makes it possible to consolidate all systems and functions in one integrated entity. We make the various systems interact in order to maintain safety and accessibility. The users in the traffic control center can manage all functions related to traffic, operations and safety in a uniform user environment. This includes features such as ready-to-implement shutdown plans where just a few clicks of the mouse are enough to quickly and easily reroute traffic or close a tunnel tube.

Monitoring with Infracontrol Online
Facility owners have a lot of technical systems to deal with. These systems come from different manufacturers, from different periods of time and with widely differing functions. Moreover, many different people are involved, ranging from the owner of the facility to operations contractors.

Infracontrol Online is a unique web-based service that puts an end to all of the hassle involved in being forced to cope with different systems. Each system and all information is collected in one place to provide supervision and control in an entirely new way. Infracontrol Online required no computer equipment or software investments. The only thing you need to start using the service is an agreement with Infracontrol, a web browser or a mobile phone.

Intergate AB

Inter Gate AB has since 1995 been providing efficient traffic safety solutions for passengers and vehicles companies to municipalities and government agencies both in Sweden and abroad.

We create customized solutions for specific needs range from road barriers in car parks to access control systems in nuclear power plant. Safety, comfort and privacy are the cornerstones of our work philosophy and our strength is that we create solutions with both technology and people in focus.


Jerol Industri AB

Jerol Industri AB manufactures impact-absorbing poles made of glass fibre reinforced plastic. The Jerol poles are manufactured in Sweden in a production facility containing the latest available technology. Production is totally computer-controlled, which ensures that the poles in each series are identical.

Jerol is the only producer in Europe with the whole product assortment of road poles, Lighting Columns, Signal Posts and Sign Posts, crash tested and approved according to EN 12767.

Jerol has been active in passive safety since 1999, and is today one of the leaders in safety solutions around the European roads.


Kapsch TrafficCom AB

Kapsch TrafficCom AB is an international supplier of innovative road traffic telematic solutions. Its principle business is the development and supply of Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems, in particular for the Multi-Lane Free-Flow (MLFF) of the traffic, and the technical and commercial operation of such systems.

Kapsch TrafficCom also supplies traffic management systems, with a focus on road safety and traffic control, and electronic access systems and parking management. With more than 220 references in 36 countries in all five continents, and with almost 15 million delivered On-Board Units (OBUs) and more than 13,000 equipped lanes, Kapsch TrafficCom has positioned itself among the leading suppliers of ETC systems worldwide.


Lundgren & Nordstrand AB

Lundgren & Nordstrand AB was founded in 1979 and our product areas include road marking and traffic safety. Our products range from warning lights to line controller units, we can deliver all necessary components for building a safe and economic road marking vehicle. Our product range enables the operators to work on a safe distance from the traffic and still be able to have complete control over the equipment.

Lundgren & Nordstrand can also supply custom made solutions and consulting services in our area of expertise. We sell our products to most parts of the world but our main markets are Europe, Africa and Asia.


MeteoGroup Scandinavia

MeteoGroup Scandinavia is part of MeteoGroup – Europe’s largest private weather company.

We supply weather information to marine, road maintenance and industrial customers, as well as media and digital platforms worldwide. Founded in 1986, the company has an unrivalled reputation for quality and innovation in weather forecasting.

Forecasts are produced by our team of dedicated road meteorologists who provide expert assistance 24/7/365.

RoadCast is our complete weather forecasting service, tailored to provide road maintenance engineers with all the weather information required to ensure the safety of the road network. Produced specifically for your requirements, it provides up-to-the minute, accurate weather information for specific locations across the highways network with market-leading accuracy.

MHF – Swedish Abstaining Motorists’ Association

MHF – the Swedish Abstaining Motorists’ Association – is a road safety organisation focused primarily on the issue of sobriety on the roads. We are the organisation in Sweden that takes a broad view of alcolocks. MHF is pushing for these devices to be installed in all vehicles, quite simply because it saves lives.

Minno – Sitsac – the booster seat backpack

Booster cushions or child seats shall be used until the age of 10-12 years. SitSac integrates a booster seat in a child backpack which makes the child seat easy to bring along.

For the safety belt to function properly, a child seat or booster cushion is recommended for children from about 4 to 10-12 years old. However, when travelling in buses, taxis, or in vehicles other than the family car, booster cushions are often lacking because they are unpractical to bring along.

SitSac integrates a booster cushion with a backpack, which makes the cushion more available. With SitSac, children can easily carry their own booster cushion, to make travelling safer and parents can feel secure.

SitSac is an excellent travelcompanion. On aircraft you can bring it with you as handluggage and on arrival you are all set to continue your journey in taxi, bus or rental car.

SitSac is also suitable for all other occasions when a child seating needs to be raised such as in cinemas, in restaurants, on trains etc.

Mobergs Mekaniska AB – The Popstacle System

In traffic you encounter different situations every day. One of the most dangerous moments is suddenly appearing obstacles on the road and then attention, speed and state of the road are of outmost importance. Popstacle is a unique and safe aid that recreates risky situations in traffic.

Mobergs Mekaniska has more than 40 years experience of mechanical design and manufacturing. We are a versatile and flexible workshop for sub-contracting and machine manufacturing in short series. We deliver complete solutions, from design and construction to projecting, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and service.

One of our projects is the Popstacle system. In traffic you encounter different situations every day. One of the most dangerous moments is suddenly appearing obstacles on the road and then attention, speed and state of the road are of outmost importance. Popstacle is a unique and safe aid that recreates risky situations in traffic.




National Federation of Swedish Voluntary Motor Transport Corps

Today there are about 74 Motor Corps around the country, with a total of approximately 5000 members. The Motor Transport Corps is one of 18 voluntary defence organizations in Sweden.

The organization is non-political and works on demand from the Swedish Government.

Our main tasks are to:
– spread information about the Swedish Total Defence
– recruit and train drivers for the Total Defence

An additional task is to work for improved road safety. This is done by informing about road safety and by taking part in various campaigns where we cooperate with other road safety organizations.

If you are 15 years, a Swedish citizen or registered in Sweden, you can apply to and become a member of the Motor Corps. All members can participate in our general trainings, workshops and other activities. For participation in training leading to a position within the Swedish Total or Civil Defence a driving licence for light vehicles and a good physical condition is required

If you choose to be positioned in the Military Defence you can be trained to drive and do light maintenance on different light vehicles, Lorries (trucks) and/or cross country vehicles, some with heavy trailers.

If you choose to be positioned in the in the Civil Defence you can be trained to drive and do light maintenance on buses, Lorries (trucks), light vehicles and/or cross country vehicles, some with heavy trailers.

The Motor Corps offers comradeship and a variety of spare time activities. The uniting links between the members of the Motor Corps is an interest in vehicles and driving but also that we think our country is worth defending.

NCC Roads

NCC Roads is part of the NCC Group. Our core operation is the production of aggregates and asphalt, as well as asphalt paving and road services. NCC Roads produces 6,1 million tons of asphalt and 27 million tons of stone materials and aggregates each year, which makes us the Nordic region’s largest player in the asphalt and aggregates industry. NCC Roads’ main market is the Nordic region, where Sweden constitutes the single largest market, but we also have operations in St. Petersburg. In addition, aggregate products are exported to countries around the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In 2010, the business area reported sales totaling SEK 10.7 billion and had about 4,040 employees.

NIRA Dynamics AB

NIRA Dynamics is a Swedish expert company focusing on research and development of signal processing and control systems for the vehicle industry. We provide the global vehicle industry with innovative, value-adding products that enhance safety in tomorrow’s vehicles. We do this by using our expertise in signal processing, modeling, and control to design unique, high-tech products.

NIRA Dynamics holds an ISO 9001:2008 certificate and has efficient and structured processes and tools to manage collaborative development projects in international environments. By cooperating with us our customers get fast and easy access to state-of-the-art technology.

One of NIRA Dynamics’ key products is TPI. TPI is an advanced indirect tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) capable of detection of under-inflation in 1, 2, 3, and 4 tires and meeting the American FMVSS 138 and the European ECE-R 64 TPMS regulations.

Other products include the anti-spin system NSC and the autonomous positioning system MAP.


NTF – The National Society for Road Safety is a non governmental organisation which works to improve road safety.

NTF is an umbrella organisation and consists of 24 county road safety federations, more than 60 national, interest and professional organisations and hundreds of local voluntary associations. The national network is made up of thousands of people working to help you contribute to a safe road traffic.

– NTF rouses public opinion of everyone’s right to safe road traffic in which fatalities and serious injuries are considered unacceptable.

– NTF increases both people’s will to call for and their ability to contribute to safe road traffic.

– NTF promotes awareness of the importance of road safety to public health.


Olofsfors AB

Olofsfors supplies sharp and quick mounted cutting edges for winter and summer road maintenance. The Olofsfors cutting edge system and technique for winter and summer road maintenance with snow plows and motor graders give safer winter roads, increased productivity and decreased maintenance cost.

Olofsfors has been producing steel products since 1762. More than 30 years ago Olofsfors started to develop highly efficient edges for plows and motor graders based on the philosophy that thin, hard and strong steel do the job better than thick and soft steel. Today the Olofsfors edge system is a complete set of quick-mounted edges for snow plows and motor graders for all conditions and seasons. Reduced CO2 pollution and fuel consumption are some advantages of the system. Improved performance and productivity are two other.

– Cutting Edge system for safer winter roads.
– Increased productivity.
– Decreased fuel consumption and CO2 pollution.
– Complete edge system for all seasons – quick mounted.

Olofsfors also produces highly durable wear bars, profiles and edges for construction and mining machinery and buckets. In the forestry machinery market, Olofsfors is the world leader and number one in steel tracks for rubber tires; this with the world leading ECO-Tracks system with tracks for all conditions and needs. Olofsfors has sales companies and local dealers in more than 20 countries world-wide.

Make your Own Way – do the job with Olofsfors products.


Opus Prodox AB

Automotive Test Equipment
Opus offers a complete program of professional equipment for centralized and decentralized vehicle inspection as well as for repair and service workshops. Opus technology and products are well known for the quality and flexibility and are used for environmental and safety testing all over the world.

Vehicle Inspection Systems
Opus offers vehicle safety and emission inspection equipment, systems and services for testing of vehicles. In practice this means that Opus delivers test equipment, systems and databases for vehilce inspection and services in the form of either full service or assistance with program management, maintenance and training.

Fleet Management
Within Fleet Management Opus is offering products to register how, when and where vehicles are being used. The products include electronic driver log systems, driver behavior registration, environmental index calculation and Alco lock solutions. OBD technology, GPS and wireless radio are combined in the Opus products to create rational and cost effective solutions for the customer.


Popomax AB

Glimmis® is a Swedish product that saves lives in traffic as well as being an attractive accessory. Plenty of things have happened since Popomax AB produced the first Glimmis® reflector in 2003. With the cool, sweet and fun Glimmis® reflectors, Popomax AB have revolutionised the Swedish, and even the international reflector market. There are more than 100 types of Glimmis® reflectors available.

For decades, authorities in the Nordic countries have encouraged the usage of reflectors for personal safety in traffic. People knew they were a life saving necessity, but did not appreciate the existing range of reflectors. The Glimmis® reflector changed it all. The Popomax story began in 2002, when Ewa and Kersti first met and started an interesting discussion about innovative products, whilst realising there could be a market demand for their ideas. The soft Glimmis® reflector was one of their first designs. Today, the Glimmis® is worn all year around all over the world. It is soft and easy to use, and is available in various designs for each individual and personality.

By wearing a reflector you can save your life. People wearing reflectors are considerably more visible and visible at a greater distance than those without them. Most accidents involving pedestrians occur in urban areas with little street lighting. This makes reflectors just as useful in the city as they are in the countryside (source NTF – The National Society for Road Safety).

Prisma Teknik

Prisma Teknik manufactures push buttons, Accessible pedestrian signals for traffic intersections.

The Prisma models is an advanced acoustic pedestrian signal with a unique system for providing information about the traffic environment to elderly pedestrians or pedestrians with defective vision.
The pedestrians get information by audio, vibrator, speak messages and light.

The electronic front panel is used for requesting the go-ahead signal, and is a highly dependable solution. Prisma push buttons is noise-controlled, entirely electronic and designed to safeguard high service-reliability and long durability. Replacement and maintenance are facilitated by the easy mounting of the pedestrian signal, as well as its module construction.


Road Marking Equipment of Sweden AB

Road Marking Equipment of Sweden AB (RME) develops and manufactures road marking equipment for thermoplastic material. RME emphasize on safety for the operators. Most of the equipment RME manufactures is built on truck chassis. The driver and operators sits in the cabin in a safe and crash tested environment. Usually the operators sits back on the chassie and is unprotected if an accident occurs, but RME has together with the Swedish road administration (Vägverket Produktion/Svevia) and other contractors developed a machine system so that the operator can sit and operate the machine from inside the truck cabin.
RME´s products are being sold in over 10 different countries to customers who put great value in liability, safety and economy in the equipment.

RME products contain of the latest technology and are developed continuously to meet the highest requirements in traffic safety and work environment for the operators.
RME is a private and independent company.


Roadinfo offers traffic data collection services. We specialize in data collection services that are fast, effective and with high safety for our employers.

Main services:
– Automated turning movement counts
– Traffic volume, speed and classification counts
– Bicycle and foot traffic counts

Roadroid AB

Roadroid (US. PAT. PENDING) is developed since 2002. From Swedish R&D with external accelerometer, GPS and a laptop PC – to android smartphones with support for different cars, speed and phone models.

Since 2012 extensive field trials and pilots has been performed and over million of samples has been collected globally. We are on our way to a new global standard for road condition! MADE IN SWEDEN: We use new technologies and highest knowledge in Android and global maps. And our internet toolbox continuously develops its RMMS functions.

We are globally offering network and object monitoring. And Periodic reports for following up on PBC. We use Open Street Map for road links – or preferably fit the data to your own shape files.

Roadroid is successfully used with GPS HD video on the same map. And its…. EASY TO GET STARTED – ANYWHERE! Measure and use the data within 24 hours!


Safe X System Scandinavia AB

At Safe X System we have thorough knowledge of EIZC (Enhanced Information at Zebra Crossings) and ZB roads (Zebra crossings/Bike paths).

We can perform everything from the initial inspection to the final assembly. However, in addition we have taken yet another step; we can now help you with more than just ZB roads. Together we can create functional end solutions that simplify and streamline important parts of your business. It could pay off in more than one way.

Our customers are found in many different lines of business. In order to satisfy their different needs and desires, we must quickly adapt to different circumstances. Our business has always been based on flexibility. That goes for both us that work here in Borlange as well as for our co-workers all over Sweden.

For us at Safe X System, it is a challenge to always view the possibilities rather than the problems. This is what makes us constantly move forward.

Scania AB

Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial and marine engines. A growing proportion of the company’s operations consists of products and services in the financial and service sectors, assuring Scania customers of cost-effective transport solutions and maximum uptime. Employing about 32,000 people, Scania operates in about 100 countries.

Schenker AB

DB Schenker develops and produces transports, logistics and information services that meet the demand of the market as regards quality, efficiency, simplicity and environmental responsibility.

DB Schenker in Swedens’s logistics network makes it possible to gather knowledge, experience and ideas from all parts of the world. This meets the demands from clients and community. The network also gives the possibility to combine different ways of transport i.e. truck, ship, airplane and train – to create logistics solutions with the best possible balance between economic and environmental demands. It often shows that the logistics solutions that best meet the demands for a sustainable development are the most cost efficient. This is the basis for all our work – locally and globally.

Sensebit AB

Sensebit AB develops and markets products within the wireless sensor networks field with a focus on traffic information. We are committed to providing systems that deliver high-quality data and are easy to deploy. By combining the latest sensor and microprocessor technologies with innovative solutions, our systems enable our customers to take the next step in traffic information.

Sensys Traffic AB

SENSYS® Traffic AB develops, produces and markets various products for traffic informatics and traffic safety, including systems for speed and red light enforcement. The systems are based on SENSYS’ unique multi-tracking radar technology that has excellent precision and ensures it meets the highest legal security standards. They are easy to install since they are non-intrusive and therefore very cost-effective. With thousands of systems in 17 countries SENSYS is the market leader in Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Skyltar & Märken AB

Skyltar & Märken AB (Signs & Marks/ Brands Inc.) sells, designs, constructs and manufactures different types of signs and accessories, mainly concentrated to traffic safety and graphic information. We also construct and sell electronic signs as well as speed displays and traffic counters based on radar technique. We have been in the market since 1953.

Skyltar & Märken AB puts a lot of effort into developing our products, and quality is our distinguishing mark. We have an ISO 9002 certificate.


SMHI’s (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) objective is to produce decision support to promote good planning, reduce vulnerability in the society, and help achieve the Swedish Environmental Objectives. We provide products and services of high quality for rail and road maintenance, shipping, building and construction, aviation, energy, media, real estate, agriculture and education. Our services are available in Sweden, Europe and all around the world.

The products and services are designed to facilitate your decision making and range from consulting services to products designed for weather sensitive industries.


Standby AB

Standby AB develop & manufacture alarm- & warning equipment for emergency-, commercial & special vehicles. We are a complete system supplier of light, audio & control equipment. For many years, Standby has been the leading company on the Swedish market of alarm equipment. Anyone who has seen a Swedish police car has also seen our products. Our unique control systems optimize driver environment and minimize installation times.

Developments for the commercial vehicles area include the SBR-Seat Belt Reminder. It’s a system similar to that used today in passenger cars that encourage the passengers in buses to fasten their seat belts as well as give the bus driver a status information of the belted/unbelted passengers.

Steen Industri AB

Steen Industri AB is one of Northern Europe’s biggest manufacturers of mirrors for traffic, industrial and shop environments. Distribution and sales are handled mainly by wholesalers and dealers spezialising in traffic and industrial equipment and shop interiors.

Sweco International AB

Sweco is a provider of international consulting engineering services whose 5 500 engineers, architects and environmental experts are working together to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. With research, planning, and studies projects Sweco perform our skills in Intelligent Transportation Systems for governments, municipalities, trade and industry around the world. Within the arena of ITS, advanced IT solutions are applied in order to effectively steer traffic and transportation in Sweden.

Sweco provides services within Traffic Management, Sustainable Mobility, In-vehicle IT/IS, Payment Systems.

Swedish Safety Barrier Association

SSBA organizes and represents companies that supply traffic safety products and services connected to the EN 1317 series of standards. SSBA constantly strives to contribute to increased traffic safety.

The prime objectives are:
– to represent the trade in relation to the Swedish Transport administration.
– to be a referral body for new Swedish and European standards and regulations.
– to engage in training and education to promote knowledge and awareness of the rules and regulations concerning traffic safety products and related services.
– to promote a fair and equal business environment for the member companies in the trade.


SweRoad (Swedish National Road Consulting AB)

The Swedish National Road Consulting AB (SweRoad) is a limited company owned by the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. The company was established in 1981 and it is administrated by the Swedish Road Administration (from 1st of April by the Swedish Transport Administration).

The business idea of SweRoad is to provide consulting services within the road, road safety, railway and transport sectors to clients outside Sweden, by utilising the knowledge available within Swedish authorities, institutions and organisations dealing with roads, traffic and the transport sector.

Säker Trafik Sverige AB

Säker Trafik is a subsidary of NTF specialized in Road Safety developement and implementation. We are active in all regions of Sweden with our own consultants and via the NTF organization.

Our focus areas are speed reduction, driving skills for road safety/economical driving, employees safety.

We work with bench marking studies, educational programmes, management consulting and project management. We also work with know how transfer,start up support and coaching of international businesses.


The Swedish National Association of Driving Schools

The Swedish National Association of Swedish Schools (STR) is an organisation for driving school companies in Sweden who have drivers’ license training, and professional training for commercial drivers. STR is working with a lot of road safety issues, both in Sweden and on the international arena. STR is developing and investing in environmental improvement through its work with EcoDriving.

We have been working with EcoDriving in Sweden since 1998 when STR brought the concept to Sweden with the support of public authorities and organizations. STR then broadened the concept to include heavy vehicles (Heavy EcoDriving) and utility vehicles (Working EcoDriving).

Trafikkalendern – Vita Huset AB

Trafikkalendern is the largest teaching material with the theme children and traffic in Sweden. We are on our 22nd year of publication and the material is distributed to about 500,000 schoolchildren aged 6-12 years, 27,000 teachers and 3,500 participating companies and organizations.

The material is developed as far as possible after Trafikverkets (the Swedish Transport Administration’s) basic view on how traffic issues should be dealt with at school, which means that the work should be integrated into different subjects and as part of learning for sustainable development.


Trelocity works with software and services for measuring the current traffic speed. We use information that is automatically collected by vehicles in traffic, and process this to real-time speed information. Our technology does not require investing in infrastructure along the roads, but can use data already collected for other purposes.

We provide a data store with current speeds with high detail level, that can be used for monitoring and collection of statistics. We also provide a number of enhanced services for different target groups.

Trivector Traffic

Trivector Traffic is working in 4 major fields: Traffic safety – We have written and helped to write many of the manuals of traffic safety, used by The Swedish Road Administration and municipalities in Sweden. We also conduct traffic safety audits and have done so long before it became popular. We often help municipalities with traffic safety programs as well as analysis and evaluations of the safety effects of infrastructure measures and mobility management.

Public transport, Trivector has been designing and working with many of the innovative public transport schemes that are implemented in Sweden today. Sustainable Traffic planning, including environmental issues related to a sustainable transport system, involving mobility management as one out of many tools to use. Traffic analysis/ITS, including developing computer programmes to calculate the capacity in intersections.


Vectura Consulting AB

Vectura’s business concept is to provide consulting services within the transport infrastructure sector. These services are based on a unique bank of knowledge that has been acquired from many years experience of consultancy and official administration in the road and rail sectors.

Our service areas follow the process from the earliest analyses of society’s transport requirements to specialist competence in the implementation of the contract phase. With over 1 000 consultants, we are market leaders in Sweden.

Vingfundament TerraWing AB

Vingfundament TerraWing AB was established in 2003. TerraWing is an extremely fast foundation system mainly for road signs, gantries, noise barriers. It only takes a couple of minutes and the foundation is set in place.

We have advanced controllable calculation programs that fulfil all Swedish demands for foundation works for road signs, gantries and noise barriers. Our main business is in Sweden and in Norway and slowly growing in the EU.

Visualeyes AB

Visualeyes AB is a Swedish company founded in 2006 that develops, produces and markets automotive accessories designed to enhance vehicle safety and performance. Visualeyes’ first product is Rayzer wide beams – an innovation that redefines the whole concept of auxiliary lights. Visualeyes AB is working for a safer and more secure environment for drivers and those around them.

Volvo Group

The Volvo Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of commercial transport solutions providing products such as trucks, buses, construction equipment, drive systems for marine and industrial applications as well as aircraft engine components. The Volvo Group also offers its customers financial services.

Our customers are active in more than 180 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, Asia and North America. Group sales of products and services are conducted through both wholly-owned and independent dealers. The global service network handles customer demand for spare parts and other services.



WSP is a major multi-disciplinary consultancy, working with clients in the property, environmental, transportation and industrial sectors. WSP Sweden offers multi-disciplinary services to local and global clients. We have a strong commitment to local business development and sustainability wherever we operate. We are part of WSP Group, the global design, engineering and management consultancy.




Älgskadefondsföreningen is a one of Sweden´s largest, non-profit, nation-wide traffic safety organizations, where private persons are welcome as members. At present we have approximately 80,000 members.

We try to create public awareness of the risk of wild life accidents, and try to influence decision makers to take measures to prevent wild life accidents. We also support research in the field that can prevent wild life accidents.

We aim to spread knowledge and information about wild life accidents and assist in creating measures to prevent them. We also give financial aid to registered members after a collision with moose, roe deer, red- or fallow-deer, reindeer, wild boar, bears, wolves, wolverines, lynx, otters, mufflon sheep and eagles.